About Us

We are aware Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are the engine for economic growth and development of every nation. This sector has struggled over the years with access to quality, reliable and usable information and data that enhance business and financing decisions.

MSMEs Today. Com will focus on providing usable information and data for MSMEs in Nigeria to enable them create wealth, employment and contribute to the nation’s economic growth and development.

We will challenge ourselves to bridge the knowledge and information gap on issues covering: agriculture and its value chain, policy and regulation, advocacy, research and development. Other key areas will include, financing, technology, commodities, markets, collaborations and partnerships.

Since people and technology are at the center of how we deliver our objectives, we will invest in people and will employ technology to reach all MSMEs, especially the agriculture sector in Nigeria and in Africa. MSMEsToday.Com will also mount capacity building seminars, workshops, and conferences in its quest to address the knowledge gap.


To become a credible online platform providing usable information and data on MSMEs in Nigeria.


To present business and growth opportunities for MSMEs in Nigeria through technology, passionate, well – resourced and motivated personnel.