Brass and Books Capital Group Launch New Investment Platform for Palm Products

Brass and Books Capital Group has launched a digital agro investment platform,, in a bid to boost agriculture. The platform is expected to enhance opportunities in funding the palm oil market. The funding will be targeted at units of palm plants, milling, processing, storage, and distribution of palm products through the website.

The local and international demand for palm oil outstrips the current supply by 600,000 metric tonnes per annum, which means there are opportunities for investments.

The company grows and runs large scale modernized palm oil plantations, harvest mill and package derivatives, use technology to tackle storage, distribution and logistics challenges, and provide  supply that accounts for 35% of world markets. has investment plans ranging from N50,000 – N5 million per unit. Potential investors can either buy plantations or invest in the milling and processing of palm products. To reduce the risk of losses, the company has partnered with Mutual Benefits Life Assurance plc to cover all aspects.

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