Lagos State to Revamp Red Meat Value Chain

…Ready to Implement new reforms

According to the state Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms. Abisola Olusanya, the Lagos State Government is set to engage stakeholders on the Red Meat Value Chain in an effort to revamp the subsector. The purpose of the engagement to sensitize stakeholders of planned reforms and to also show them the best practices in meat production. These reforms are centered on the production of wholesome meat beginning from the slaughtering stage up until it gets to the consumer with good economic returns for producers and processors.

The reforms will be implemented under a three-pronged strategy called ‘Abattoir, Transportation and Market’ (ATM). The ATM strategy is set to guarantee the safety and health of the populace by ensuring that only certified animals would be slaughtered. This strategy was originally developed in 2019. The then Commissioner for Agriculture, Prince Gbolahan Lawal, wondered why countries like Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, and Kenya were able to export meat to Europe and other countries while Nigeria could not achieve this feat.

If these reforms are properly implemented, it could boost international recognition of beef from Lagos State, opening up export portals for foreign exchange. Engagements need to take place with stakeholders such as the Butchers Association, Market men and women, concessionaires, among others to ensure the success of these reforms.

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