OCP Africa Partners with Research Institutes to Develop Specialized Fertilizer for Wheat production

OCP Africa has partnered with the Lake Chad Research Institute (LCRI), Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), and Centre for Dryland Agriculture, Bayero University Kano to develop a specialized fertilizer that will boost wheat production in Nigeria.

OCP Africa develops fertilizer solutions to suit local conditions and crop needs in Africa. The LCRI’s mission is to provide improved technologies through research and development for farmers and processors. The IAR&T conducts research into efficient use of soil resources for increased and sustainable agricultural productivity.

The Nigeria Country Manager of OCP Africa, Caleb Usoh, revealed that the organization became interested in the wheat value- chain after receiving calls from the Kaduna State Ministry of Agriculture for soil testing assistance in 2020. This led to the development of fertilizer for about 142,000 hectares cleared for wheat production.

Wheat production faces a few obstacles, including lack of access to improved seed varieties, inappropriate fertilizers and agrochemicals, irrigation systems. These issues prompted the organization to seek out research collaborations.

OCP also partners with Nigerian farmers, providing them with products, training, and financing through various programs. The organization also raises awareness of the importance of soil testing using its SoilCares technology. Farmers receive necessary information about appropriate fertilizers and training on best agronomic practices.

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